Best Neighborhood Program Award




Physical Revitalization projects – Government entity

First place– SOLD on Hampton – City of Hampton, Virginia

This program serves as an innovative model that weaves together public and private resources to restore old homes, reinvigorate neighborhoods, and reinvest in mature communities.
Contact: Angelique Lenoir - City of Hampton (VA)

Second Place– Street Tree Subsidy Program – City of Coral Springs, Florida

Coral Springs lost 30-35% of its tree canopy to Hurricane Wilma. The Street Tree Subsidy program was designed to quickly and effectively start the canopy restoration process in their neighborhoods.
Contact: Mark Westfall, City Forestry - City of Coral Springs (FL)

Third Place– Neighborhood-Oriented Targeted Infrastructure and Code Enforcement

The NOTICE program is sustaining the value of older neighborhoods through the coupling of public funds to refresh neighborhood infrastructure with an assertive program of code enforcement.
Contact: Marc Guy, Assistant City Manager - City of Carrollton (TX)

Business/Corporation Projects

First Place– East Central Partnership Center, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, Washington

This community collaboration addresses workforce development, job creation and retention through business development and neighborhood planning. This community mobilization ensures continuous improvement in the quality of life for its residents.
Contact: Rhosetta Rhodes, Spokane Falls Community College

Second Place– Friendship Center at High Point, Institute for Community Romeoville, Illinois

The Institute for Community is a social entrepreneurial endeavor to build a better neighborhood through physical as well as social design. It has developed a project called High Point Community that has socially revitalized a community engulfed by suburban sprawl.
Contact: Karen Barbush, Friendship Centre at Highpoint


Social Revitalization projects – Government entity

First Place– Summer Youth Program – City of Hollywood, Florida

The Summer Youth Program, a leadership development and service learning partnership between the City of Hollywood and multiple community agencies, was created to provide educational and constructive summer activities for youth in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods.
Contact: Donna Biederman, Summer Youth Program Coordinator

Second Place– Neighborhood Quality Team – City of Raleigh, North Carolina

Interdepartmental teams assembled for a defined neighborhood in response to specified citizen concerns. Allowing for the rendering of a concentrated plan of action for social, environmental and physical neighborhood improvement.
Contact: Dwayne Patterson, Neighborhood Services Division Coordinator

Third Place– Neighborhood Association Toolkit, City of Henderson, Nevada

The Neighborhood Toolkit is a collection of materials that support the formation of neighborhood associations. Thereby facilitating partnerships between residents and City staff, improving communication, and increasing citizen self-sufficiency.
Contact: Emily Lewis, Neighborhood Program Specialist



For more information contact
Robert Gibbons
1950 E. Washington Ave., #1
Madison, WI 53704
H: 608-244-0582

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