Best Neighborhood Program Award

2010 Best Neighborhood Program Award

Social Revitalization

First Place

Stages of Resource Targeting

City of Topeka

Topeka, Kansas


The “Stages of Resource Targeting” (SORT) is a strategy for public/private investment into LMI neighborhoods that increases property values – even in this economy. It sets the stage for self-help so neighborhoods can determine their own destiny while minimizing their reliance on government grants and handouts.

Contact: Randy Speaker
Ph: 785-368-4470

Second Place

Scenic Hill Park Mural

City of Kent

Kent, Washington

After nearly two years of planning and coordinating Scenic Hill Neighborhood Council collaborated with volunteers, local artists, businesses, and 5th grade students to repaint a “salmon life cycle” mural defaced with graffiti in July 2007. The mural offers enjoyment and education for the community.

Contact: Toni Azzola
Ph: 253/856-5708


Physical Revitalization

First Place

Serve the City Chesapeake

City of Chesapeake

Chesapeake, Virginia

Serve the City Chesapeake is a collective effort of the City of Chesapeake, its police department, the faith-based Community, civic leagues, schools and local businesses, working together in public-private partnerships in order to build healthy communities and trusting relationships for the purpose of instilling hope

Contact: Theo McClammy
Ph: 757-382-6456

Second Place

Town North Neighborhood Plan

City of Arlington

Arlington, Texas

Through the City of Arlington’s neighborhood planning efforts, Town North residents analyzed existing conditions and identified priorities to improve the neighborhood’s quality of life. This information was synthesized into a Neighborhood Action Plan, which, after adoption by City Council, became part of Arlington’s Comprehensive Plan.

Contact: Lexin Murphy
Ph: 817-459-6657

For more information contact
Robert Gibbons
1950 E. Washington Ave., #1
Madison, WI 53704
H: 608-244-0582

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