Neighborhood of the Year Award


2005 Neighborhood of the Year

Grand Prize

Floral Park Neighborhood Assn
Santa Ana, CA
Contact: Linda Schulte
(714) 569-0529

Social Revitalization -
Single Neighborhood

First Place
East Hill/Salt Lake Neighborhood Watch
Long Beach, CA
Contact: Autrilla W. Scott
(562) 591-6030

Second Place
Oak Park Drug Free Zone Council
Contact: Bud Aungst
(916) 456-6911

Third Place
Bush Hills Neighborhood Assn
Birmingham, AL
Contact: Alma P. Dennis
(205) 780-6109

Glenview-Edgewood Manor Area Assn
Memphis, TN
Contact Cherhonda Mason
(901) 416-6130


Physical Revitalization/Beautification -
Single Neighborhood

First Place
Floral Park Neighborhood Assn
Santa Ana, CA
Contact: Linda Schulte
(714) 569-0529

Second Place
Craftsman Village Historic District
Long Beach, CA
Contact: Bill Maurer
(949) 824-1415

Third Place
Sycamore Highlands Community Action Group
Riverside, CA
Contact: Maureen Clemens
(951) 369-3510


Mechanicsville Community Assn
Knoxville, TN
Contact: Charles Wright/Peggy Myers-Carter
(865) 637-1802
Fax 637-3376

Arlington-West End Neighborhood Assn
Birmingham, AL
Contact: Keith Aaron
(205) 929-0263

Loveland Beautification Committee
Loveland, OH
Contact: Peggy J. Goodwin
(513) 677-9066



First Place
Aberdeen Gardens Historic & Civic Assn.
Hampton, VA
Contact: Roosevelt Wilson
(757) 826-917

Second Place
Brad Crawford Memorial Fairgrounds Neighborhood Association
Vancouver, WA
Contact: Bridget Schwarz (360) 573-5873

Third Place
Chaumiere Neighborhood Assn
Kansas City, MO
Contact: Yvonne Herrick
(816) 935-4544


Maidu Neighborhood Assn – Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Assn
Contact: James Kidd
(916) 784-7024

Five Points West Community
Birmingham, AL
Contact: Dora U. Sims
(205) 785-0145


For more information contact
Robert Gibbons
1st 3 yr. term exp. 10/2007
1950 E. Washington Ave., #1
Madison, WI 53704
H: 608-244-0582


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